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Taking it To the Next Level

March 23, 2017
By Joyce Blum, Director of Student Learning

New Elementary Writing Curriculum Builds Foundations for the Next Level

By Joyce Blum, CCS Director of Student Learning

This year Cascade Christian Schools adopted a new writing curriculum at the elementary level. The goal is to make sure students are trained to be effective communicators – even as young as Kindergarten. The teachers have worked hard to help our students in the areas of narrative, research and opinion/persuasive writing this year. Last Friday I witnessed the great partnership our teachers have with one another across the district.

All 4th-6th grade teachers met to discuss the next writing unit (opinion/persuasive) that will be covered in the 4th quarter of school this year. Teachers collaborated with the other grades to make sure they were building foundations that could be built upon in the succeeding years. They also worked to be sure they could incorporate a student’s writing across the curriculum. For instance, in research writing, students can apply what they have learned to their reports in Social Studies (Washington State report; country report; State report). In addition, they began planning ways to make sure they could do the same thing in their unit on opinion writing this spring.

Similar planning was taking place in Kindergarten through 3rd grades. Each grade level met as a team and began the process of laying out a strong unit on opinion/persuasive writing. The work the teachers began on Friday will be completed on March 31 as they meet as teams in the morning.

I was also able sit in on a meeting that involved all the 7th-12th grade teachers. One of the topics they discussed was effective communication. The foundations we are laying for your child in elementary school will be utilized and built upon when they move into our Junior High and on into High School. Effective communication is a life skill, and purposefully educating your student in this area from K-12th grade is a way to make sure they graduate from Cascade Christian ready to impact their world.

Again, thank you for entrusting us to prepare your child for the next grade and educational level.

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