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Exceedingly Grateful

October 05, 2018
By Tim Lorenz, Principal, McAlder Campus

I had a conversation with a mom this morning. She was emotional as she was sharing with me her son's experience so far this school year. She followed up later with the email below... and gave me permission to share. I share not to brag on myself or the McAlder Campus (although I love our campus and our staff is doing an amazing job!). I share because of the great things God is doing in our students and through the people in this ministry called Cascade Christian Schools.

Hi Mr Lorenz,

I wanted to say more to you this morning, but I couldnt get it out.

My husband and I have talked a lot about how grateful we are that God provided for our son to be at McAlder. We have seen so much growth in him over this past month. He is a very active boy, so we were nervous for what that would look like in Elementary School, but it has been amazing. His teacher Mrs. Anderson, and Mrs. Shackett continually tell us how amazing he is doing. And have brought up concerns with honesty and grace, while showing us that they are in his corner fighting FOR him. It means to much to have that honest conversation. And 95% of it has been them reaching out just to tell us how incredible he is, or what a great job he is doing. I cant tell you how much that means! I have a degree in education, and I know that teachers work so hard. Im blown away by how much they are willing to communicate with me, despite knowing that they have a million other things on their plates.

We are so impressed with how you connect with each of the kids every morning. There are so many other things that you could be doing, but the fact that you take the time to do this is incredible. We love that our son walks into school with worship music playing, setting the atmosphere for the day. We are both impressed by and so so thankful for your leadership in this school. 

Our son is coming home excited about the friends he is making, excited that he is "finally learning to read!!" and writing worship songs. He loves his school and we love that he is very obviously getting a quality education while seeing how Jesus fits into every area of his life. 

I wish I could have gotten all of that out this morning when I was chatting with you. But Im just so emotional over how thankful I am to have our kiddo here, and I cant wait to enroll our others!

Thank you again!

Lindsay (CCS McAlder Parent)