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No One Way to Learn About the Resurrection

March 31, 2018
By Cascade Christian Schools

At Cascade Christian, Easter is very much a part of the curriculum leading up to the holiday. Teachers use creative lesson planning and age-appropriate lessons and projects to help our students understand the message of the Resurrection.

Here are several examples that occured at the Puyallup Elementary campus over the last couple of weeks:

During Kindergarten circle time Mrs. Bartlett utilized plastic Easter eggs with symbols inside to provide them with a visual object lesson which helps the students remember the events of the crucifixion and resurrection. In one, there is a foiled wrapped penny to represent the 30 pieces of silver. In another, a nail to represent Jesus being nailed to the cross. The last egg is empty, to show the empty tomb after Jesus rose from the dead.

In first grade they read the story Benjamin’s Box written by Melody Carlson. This is a fictional story of a little boy who lived during the time of Jesus’ earthy ministry and focuses on the death and resurrection of Jesus. The little boy follows Jesus and collects objects that will be able to retell the story of the miracle of Easter. The students made their own resurrection lapbooks so they could go home and share the special message of God’s love and forgiveness with others.

The second-grade students made Resurrection Rolls. This simple project consists of wrapping marshmallows inside a roll. The roll becomes hollow as it bakes, and visually represents the empty tomb of Jesus on Easter morning. Additionally, the Bible App for Kids was utilized as a fun and interactive way to look at the Easter Story. They also read and discussed the book “The Very First Easter” during morning devotions. They painted stained glass crosses and drew 3-d crosses with their 4th grade buddies.

In third grade they studied the "Twelve Gifts of Easter." They had several Bible verses to look up and read, and learned that the Easter story is all throughout the Bible. For some students, the verses brought to mind songs the children have learned and parents reported they sang them at home while telling the story!

One fourth grade class learned how the early church started and it aligned beautifully with Good Friday and the resurrection of Christ. Their teacher held up objects that represented the story to help them visualize and understand it better. At the end, they wrote her a letter and told her if they had accepted Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and what Easter meant to them. Many kids wrote that they were so excited to go to Easter service because they knew what it meant. They are prepared to celebrate His resurrection!

The fifth grade did a “Walk to Easter.” They looked up several verses, wrote them down, and then summarized them in their own words in a couple sentences. Many students gained a deeper knowledge of the Easter story during this process. They also watched compelling videos including Simon of Cyrene by The Skit Guys.

Sixth grade used a daily reading plan from a local church that chronologically took them through the Easter story.  Over the course of two weeks, scripture passages were read out loud that told the story from the Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem through the Triumphant resurrection from the dead.

“All of these great things have been going on over the last couple of weeks, and the kids really heard the Easter story,” said Mr. Broberg. “It’s is our prayer that all of our CCS family will to spend time reveling in the wonder of our risen Savior, Jesus Christ.”