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Parents for Cascade: Dedicated to supporting and building the CCS community

December 11, 2015
By Kristy Bingham, Chronicle writer

Feverishly working behind the scenes at every campus of Cascade Christian Schools is an amazing program dedicated to building the community that is CCS. From Early Learning Centers to High School, there is a group dedicated to each campus.

Parents for Cascade is a volunteer group of parents who dedicate their time and energy to unite parents through relationship and communication as they support the students, teachers and staff wherever there is a need.

"We work toward a common goal, creating relationships that could potentially be lifelong," said Angel Suarez, one of the PfC leaders at the Fredrickson campus. "PfC supports everything inside the classroom, as well as joining together at events to promote our wonderful schools. It benefits our students; they reap the rewards when their parents join with their school."

While every campus has different needs, some of the things PfC is involved with include: prayer meetings, fundraising assistance (such as the Phone-a-thon and Auction), covering teacher lunches, recruiting other parents, helping plan and organize teacher appreciation week, helping in the classroom, assisting with campus events, and organizing the student Christmas store.

The ideal PfC parent is simply one who has a desire to serve, and, according to current PfC leaders, the amount they serve is up to them.

Junior High PfC parent Trish Zoccola said, “We want to come alongside the vision for the Junior High, and be behind the scenes serving. We also make it a priority to be praying on a regular basis for the families and staff at Cascade Christian Schools. This is one of the best things we feel we can do as moms!!”

"Every parent can be a part of PfC even if they only have a little bit of time," said Natasha Roscoe, PfC leader at Puyallup. "It keeps you connected with what's happening at our school. It is exciting and encouraging learning what is going on at Cascade Christian."

Roscoe said that the program has changed over the years, for the better. As people's schedules have become more hectic, they said the beauty of PfC is that you can serve as your schedule allows.

"Each year PfC positively grows and changes," Roscoe said. "With more parent involvement we seem to come up with new ideas, and figure out better ways to communicate with parents."

Ultimately, for Angel Suarez, her involvement with the Frederickson PfC is about being part of the bigger picture.

"I love everything about being part of PfC at Cascade Christian," she said. "From volunteering my free time to help out in my kids' classrooms, and at different events held on and off campus, I enjoy seeking out and encouraging other parents who also want to volunteer their time. I love connecting with parents with like values and making new friends."

Casey Dyson, Puyallup PfC leader agreed. "I love serving God and those who make Him a priority," she said. "Our schools do that. It is satisfying, fulfilling and enjoyable to love our school leaders and the kids. PfC is a perfect environment to give back to our staff who love our kids so much. Our PfC team this year has been very focused on having encouraging hearts that want to serve God generously. It is not about tasks and 'to do' lists. PfC is a ministry to love our leaders and kids from the heart for the glory of Jesus' name."

With so much behind the scenes work at every campus, it is easy to overlook how it is getting done, but Superintendent Don Johnson is aware of the sacrifices parents are making on behalf of their kids.

"The word 'heartbeat' comes to mind when I think of our Parents for Cascade program here at CCS, as all of our parents are part of Parents for Cascade," he said. "We would not have the rich and engaging culture that we have (both in the classroom and outside of the classroom) without the servant leadership that is demonstrated through our PfC. Everywhere I turn, PfC is there making things happen for our kids! My heart is full of appreciation."

For more information about the PfC group that meets at your individual campus, please check with the office staff on campus.

Janice Falise says:
December 16, 2015 11:46 AM CST
Love the daycare program Lana has been coming to this school since she was 4 years old. I appreciate the kindness and support that the staff has given Lana through the years. Mrs. Thompson and Ms. Amanda and Ms. Sarah are just a few of the great people you have working at Cascade Christian they have been a blessing to our family Merry Christmas Team