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What happens on ILT Day?

September 28, 2015
By Cascade Christian Schools

Working together for the sake of the students...

Our faculty and staff appreciate having the time to work together on our recent ILT day.

Last Friday our teachers were able to meet with their Impact Learning Team (ILT) colleagues from across the district. The time they spend together in these afternoons are so important for taking your students forward in their learning! Teachers look at student learning data, and determine areas to target in their teaching. This way they can make sure there are no gaps and that all students are given opportunities to learn at their highest levels. This was the first meeting of this school year. Teachers came away with target goals and tools to enhance their teaching - which will in turn enhance your child’s learning. Teachers appreciate this time to collaborate and touch base with their co-workers from other campuses and classrooms.

Below, you can hear from some of the teachers and catch a glimpse of what they were doing:

What I value most...
Tabitha Bartlett, Puyallup Elementary 1st grade:

Kindergarten teachers collaborate on their action plans to help their students master sight words.

What I most appreciate about ILTs...
Sean Manchester, HS Math:

The 2nd and 3rd grade teachers discuss how to measure student growth in the category of a passage's main idea in reading.

Today in our ILT's we...
Julie Brobreg, Frederickson Elementary Kindergarten

This is the first grade team poring over student reading MAP data in order to determine student needs to work on. 

I appreciate ILT meeting time...
Jill Patrick, HS

Fourth grade teachers design a tool to help students master prefixes and suffixes.