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What Is a Fund-a-Need?


The Fund-a-Need is that one epic part of the night when all the competition stops and the whole room becomes unified around a common goal. The atmosphere changes and when the paddles are raised, the outcome is different. Instead of competing, the room joins together in the spirit of unity for a greater prize, and together, we impact a generation.

Fund-a-Need at the 2020 IMPACT Auction

In last year’s auction, together we contributed over $300,000 toward meeting the urgent and critical need to expand the capacity for students by building a 4-phased, 52,000-square-foot junior high building. The first phase is a full-court, competition-approved gymnasium with an expanded multi-purpose space that will support junior high athletics, chapel, and lunch as well as increase CCS’s ability to serve the greater community.
Because of your generosity, we were able to break ground on the first phase of our new junior high school last spring. Now, we are excited to announce that, with your help, we will open and occupy the first phase of our new junior high school by September 2020!
With this opportunity in mind, we will be asking you to raise your bid card during the Fund-a-Need and consider a gift that is over and above what you would normally contribute, to cross the finish line on Phase 1 and open the doors to students in September 2020! Every $1,000 given will make room for four more students. Your partnership in this year’s Fund-a-Need will have a significant impact on all CCS students now and for generations to come.

Click below to make a gift to the Fund-a-Need: