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December 15, 2018
By Rob Mitton, Director of Development

The sun was still asleep, and the September air on the golf course was cool and crisp, with the threat of rain hanging in the clouds. Before anyone was even visible, voices rang out across the parking lot, and it was clear that the student athletes had arrived! Most of them, though still half asleep at this early hour, brought their joy and spirit to the course. And before the shotgun fired to start the tournament, you were there—the person who cared and who gave. Your gift empowered a fleet of student athletes to reach for their goals, to grow, to learn, to improve, and to be victorious. Your support is helping them do all that God has designed them to do to bring about the victory.

And thanks to your support, this year’s Cougar Classic had the following:

• Most sponsorships ever (literally every sponsorship was sold!)

• Most student athletes on the course

• Most money raised: $33,000

Your gifts brought a victory for CCS student athletes. Thank you for making the difference in their lives!

And let’s not forget the winners of this year’s Cougar Classic: Tommy Collins and his team!

SpaceX Launched a Tesla into Space, CCS Launched STEM—You Made One of These Possible

November 18, 2018
By Good2Know Staff Writers

This year through the IMPACT Auction and other opportunities to give, you have displayed your love for the kids of CCS and your dedication to their success. Their future is bright, and their passions are being ignited, thanks to your generosity. Your gifts helped provide a new STEM program for the elementary campuses, complete with the innovative curriculum Project Lead The Way and staffing by a STEM specialist and veteran of science education, Ms. René Perry. Thank you.

G2K caught up with Ms. Perry to see how the launch of this program is going. She immediately began to talk about her students. She tenderly shared about how in her first class, as the rest of the students excitedly welcomed the new experience, a younger elementary student stood with crossed arms, isolating himself beside the door. “He let me know that he did not want to be there and wasn’t going to participate.” She continued, “Just two classes later, he is voluntarily working in a team environment, actively participating and furthering his own learning—even taking notes in his science journal.” The STEM style of learning, which your gift helped fund, encouraged this student to join in and become part of a team. He is now experiencing the joy of collaborating with friends to solve real problems and having fun learning. Imagine the impact this will have on his whole school experience!

Ms. Perry continues to paint a picture for us of the unique learning that happens in a STEM class and why she is a STEM teacher: “In a STEM class, each activity or action is focused on meeting our goal or solving a challenge. With our common goal, we follow the engineering design process together. As we journey through the process of exploring, building and analyzing, students realize that there may be more than one solution to a problem. They learn to ask questions, ask for help from a peer, and form their team. They practice empathy while they assist each other and build their team. Students work through the emotions of frustration and perseverance as they deal with design changes. All of these skills will have a positive effect in their lives now and in the future. Each student transforms like a butterfly … they complete their projects and leave more self-confident and full of potential!”

As Ms. Perry describes the love of learning and joy her students find in their new STEM class, her thoughts turn to you: “Cascade students have this opportunity because of supporters like you. May God bless you and your families. If you ever wonder whether you make a difference ... don’t wonder any longer. You do make a difference, every day.

Thank you for investing in the students you love and for ensuring that the future of innovation and of leadership will be in their discerning hands.

Every Single Weekday Morning

October 27, 2018
By By Good2Know Staff Writers

One mom recently shared about how her kindergartner and first grader are excited every single weekday morning.

They love their school and can’t wait to get out of the car upon arrival. They aren’t aware of how much thought you put into your gift to variable tuition assistance, but every day, thanks to you, they feel the love of a Christian school environment and learn biblical foundations that will impact their lives forever. Thank you for caring deeply and making a difference with your gifts.

Some of you received your Phone-a-thon call a little late on a school night this year. We just want to cast blame on the enthusiastic volunteer callers who responded to the night’s impact report. Each night when they heard the nightly total of how many students were impacted, their compassionate thoughts went to the next child who was not in that total, who might not receive the funding to stay at the school they love. How quickly blame turns to thanks as we report that 40 kids get to stay at their school.

On behalf of the students who will receive a Cascade Christian education, we want to thank the volunteers who stayed on the lines and called, and the givers who answered and were able to make a Phone-a-thon pledge.



500: Families who pledged

110: Volunteers who made this event possible

$78,000: Raised through your generosity

40: Students who will receive tuition assistance and get to stay at the school they love

1: Out of all the numbers, one is still the most significant. You are the one to thank for impacting a generation!

Thank you to everyone who is a part of this giving community. You volunteered, you gave, you made calls, and you answered your phones, to impact the students of CCS!

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