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Generous Givers Make a World of Difference

January 29, 2016
By Good2Know Staff Writers

It’s hard to imagine Riley DelArca having to leave the school he loves. While no one likes to think of dark days like that in a child’s life, it might have been a reality for Riley, if not for your gift to tuition assistance.

Thanks to your gift, Riley will continue this year to play sports on the familiar playground he knows so well, with the good friends he loves. And he will continue to start each morning like his fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Pearson, observed last year, “by dedicating it to the Lord.”

And because of your gift, his sister Maya will continue to play on familiar monkey bars with her close friends and classmates too.

Thank you for making a world of difference for Riley and Maya this year. When recess is over each day and the students line up to go inside, standing there in the fifth and fourth grade lines will be Riley and Maya, among friends and eager to continue their Christian education at the school they love.

Thank you for caring so deeply and for recognizing the power a well-placed gift can have in a child’s life!

Gifts to Tuition Assistance make the difference for 1 in 5 students