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Thriving in 21st Century Education

January 14, 2016
By Good2Know Staff Writers

Who is Gurdas Bal? He is an intelligent seven-year-old boy who loves Transformers. He loves recess too, and smiles as he reports that he gets three recesses a day at his school.

Gurdas isn't aware that he is a member of a generation whose future hinges upon crucial advancements in education. In fact, when his parents enrolled Gurdas at CCS, they didn't know this either, and that he would be deeply affected by what would transpire in first grade. They didn't know that Puyallup Elementary was navigating a major shift into 21st century education, and that the need for change would be greater than tuition could provide for.

The need was great, and Gurdas and his classmates' future hung in the balance. Our youngest students were in need. And yet they would not face this alone.

As the story of Gurdas' life unfolds, present are parents who want the best for him, teachers who carefully prepare and pour over his education, and you who gave generously to facilitate the change needed.

Your generosity has made it possible for Gurdas to thrive in a developing 21st Century Education environment.

Teacher Tabitha Bartlett said Gurdas’ love for learning is contagious to those around him. She also said "He has grown by taking ownership in his learning," as evidenced by him confidently leading his recent parent/teacher conference. About the results of 21st century education, his dad expressed, “We are amazed pretty much every day.”

Your gift will continue to infuse rigor and future dragon-slaying 21st century education into Gurdas’ learning process so he will continue to reach higher and excel. And when he looks back upon the advantages of his education, when he is a leader solving 21st century problems, Gurdas will see that your generosity helped him get there. For now, he is a delightfully cute and earnest second grader who is worthy to become great in the 21st century and learn at his highest level through your gifts.

Thank you for making a difference in Gurdas' life, and in the lives of all the students at CCS.

21st Century Education helps CCS students learn at their highest level.