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How your gift helped this 7th grader’s hard choices pay off

January 05, 2016
By Good2Know Staff Writers

When Jonathan Knaack entered seventh grade last year, he felt like he had missed something along the way in math, and he knew he was facing an uphill challenge.

In his determination to overcome, Jonathan made some hard choices, “I was going to play football but I decided instead to focus on academics for my first year of junior high because I didn’t want to be left behind.” He explained.

Jonathan is a gifted artist with a creative mind (think Lego masterpieces). He could see engineering or comic illustrating in his future. But without a mastery of math, his options would be limited. This concern weighed heavy on his heart.

Then in Math 7 he was introduced to a 21c Education resource called Digits that encourages students to take ownership of their learning.

Digits provides “multiple examples of how to solve math problems,” Jonathan reported. “We could watch videos on how to understand different concepts, and read about them; then have a lot of practice so we really could understand how to do things, and do better on tests.”

His mom added, “I would see him sit at home on my laptop and do his homework; and all of a sudden I would see his furrowed brow, and he would say “I know how to do it now.”  And he felt good about it. This online tool really helped him.”

Jonathan had this to say about your gift to 21c Education “Thank you. Your gift helped me grow in school and get better grades.  Getting ready for high school is important.  I’ve got to get into a good college to get a good job; it kind of sets my whole life. So, thank you!”

Jonathan’s future is brighter thanks to your gift to 21c Education!

Pilot programs like this one are being launched throughout the CCS district.