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Tyler's Prayer

January 07, 2016
By Good2Know Staff Writers

When the time came came for Chris and Misty French to enroll their son Tyler in Kindergarten, they were uncertain of how he would do in a school setting because of his boundless energy. After much prayer and discernment, they felt the Lord’s call leading them to Cascade Christian Schools.

The French's finances were already tight. When they heard about the tuition assistance program, they applied and were blessed with a modest award. They started reaping the rewards from Tyler’s enrollment at Cascade Christian early into his Kindergarten year.

“By the time parent‐teacher conferences were held that fall, we were amazed,” Misty said, “They reported back to us that Tyler was a typical well‐adjusted boy who simply had a lot of energy. They were not willing to write off a child simply because of his energy level, but rather used his energy as a positive. We were so grateful.”

The following year Tyler’s dad Chris, lost his job. When he found another job, it was 100% commission based.

“To say the least, our need increased greatly from the previous year,” Misty continued. “We were thankful for the (new) job, but truly trusted in God to help us continue to provide a Christian education for Tyler, which is our priority.

During that time of financial uncertainty 7‐year‐old Tyler asked, "Will I get to stay at my school?"

“Our kids ask us each year, ‘Will we be able to go to Cascade Christian next year?’ and the truth is we hope so,” Misty explained, “We include them in praying over our paperwork and strive to teach them to trust in God and that He will provide in His time.” She expressed it is an absolute journey of faith every time they apply for tuition assistance.

Misty said there are no words to convey the amount of gratitude in her heart, for the kindness you have shown Tyler through your gift.

“Your donation to further the Kingdom is so important in this day and age. Just by being obedient to God, you are making an eternal difference.”

“It is incredible to see God’s will provided through His people,” she spoke softly, “My children are able to benefit because of a calling God placed into a donor’s heart.”