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Who Knew 21st Century Education Would Make the Difference?

January 08, 2016
By Good2Know Staff Writers
Learning has come alive this year for fifth grader, Adin Smith!

Adin is part of a 4th/5th/6th grade multi-age classroom at Frederickson Elementary, and he is flourishing in school this year.

Adin has always done well in school, but was often bored in class. In a standard classroom setting, his teacher had little time to individualize and stretch his learning abilities.

This year things are different.

Thanks to your gifts, Adin is soaring in his new 21st Century Education classroom.

His teachers, Mrs. Bailey and Mrs. Harveson, collaborate on student learning. Mrs. Bailey teaches math and science, and Mrs. Harveson teaches social studies and language arts.  Both teach in their personal areas of strength, which shines through in their engaging teaching styles.

The class is piloting a 1:1 device program in which every student has an iPad to work on and research information. The most exciting part of this program is the student teamwork!  Each student is responsible for their own work, and they also act as a team and help their peers. In this multi-age classroom, the students are all challenged to be leaders, and to think critically to solve a problem together.

Shannon Harveson loves to see her students engaged in intense group discussions, saying, “They need to learn how to be self-starters, how to collaborate with others, and talk to people and engage.”

Both teachers like having the iPads available for individual testing, personal research, and small study-group interaction. It allows them more time to go deeper into their subject areas with small groups of students that need increased rigor, or a clearer understanding, to learn at their highest level.

Adin is learning at a higher level and he loves working in small, cooperative groups. His most recent science experiment included a lesson on how engineers think critically when designing buildings to withstand any number of natural disasters. The students had to work together to build, take apart, rebuild, and reinforce a toothpick and marshmallow building that could stand up through the great jello earthquake of 2014.

Adin’s mother, Theresa, loves to see her son excited about school. She said, “I’ve noticed that he is more responsible, he comes home and I don’t have to bug him about homework, he does it. He has a journal and keeps track of what he needs to do.” 

Adin is one of 28 students in this 21st Century Education pilot program.  Adin and every student in his class want to thank you for your gifts to 21st Century Education.

Pilot programs like this one are being launched throughout the Cascade Christian School District. Ask your school principal about the amazing 21st Century Education pilots being launched at your campus.