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Hidden Talents Discovered

January 14, 2016
By Good2Know Staff Writers

Last year Jai’el and Jacelyn Thomas discovered gifts of dance and visual arts they were unaware of before, gifts that could have gone undeveloped in a school without a strong arts program. The thought of their beautiful sketches not drawn, or the two of them not being dancers interpreting praise on the stage, is disheartening, at the least. Your gift to the arts has opened up new doors for Jai’el and Jacelyn, both now and in their future.

Thank you for knowing the power of gifts realized, of talents found, and for caring so deeply to provide for the students of CCS, to cultivate both talent and confidence through the arts.

Their art teacher, Mrs. Barth observed, "Jacelyn and Jai’el grew tremendously in my art class this year in their creativity. They both carried themselves in humility and confidence."  About the effect of newly discovered talents, Jai’el and Jacelyn’s mother, Cornelia Thomas, also noticed that it has “really secured their self-esteem and their self-confidence in who they are.”

Jacelyn and Jai’el  are aware that you have invested in the artists of CCS and want to thank you for your donations to the arts. As Jai'el put it, "none of this could happen without you and what you give."