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This is Your Gift in Kindergarten

January 29, 2016
By Good2Know Staff Writers

Thank you for preparing students to lead in the 21st Century. Your gifts provide opportunity for students to soar in their education at CCS!  

What does 21cE look like in a Kindergarten class?

Your gift equipped Lydia Suarez to become an author in Kindergarten. During the process of authorship, Lydia learned to edit her friends’ stories, and the valuable life lesson of rooting for her classmates. She gained purpose and a vision for learning to read and write well. Her teacher, Mrs. Broberg encouraged her, if she could just master writing enough, she could author an e-book. When Julie Broberg came across Story Buddy II, she knew this would be the program that would plant a vision and a love for learning into the hearts of her young students.

This is 21cE at its best, and your gift in action making a significant impact on Lydia and her classmates. After coloring, writing, and story boarding, they characterized the voices and recorded the dialogue on their iPads for the final product, their very own e-book. By the end of kindergarten, they have become published authors, lovers of learning, editors and team members who want the best for their mates.

Because of your gift, Lydia and her classmates are well on their way to becoming the 21century leaders who will impact their generation.