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Jackson and Katelyn Speak Candidly about Your Gift

January 29, 2016
By Good2Know Staff Writers

Whatever possessed these high school students who normally communicate by double-thumb-speed-texting to voluntarily make actual phone calls in the annual phone-a-thon? In a word... thankfulness.

In a reflective moment, Senior Jackson Lapinski spoke candidly about how your gift touched his life and what he stood to lose without your generosity. "I've been at Cascade Christian since I was in kindergarten and I love it here. All my closest friends are here. We have such a strong bond and it would be really hard leaving. Cascade has been my whole life." He recalls when his family went through a difficult time, a dramatic change in junior high, "If we didn't have the opportunity [that your gifts provided] I would have just had to leave the school that year, so I wouldn't even be here for probably my entire high school. So, it was a really big deal for me."

Jackson couldn't imagine leaving the school he loves at that time in his life. He is thankful that your gift helped him stay in a supportive community when he needed it most.

And now in his senior year, Jackson wanted to leave behind the same opportunity he was given, so he came, with thankfulness on his mind to make calls for the next generation. And the great news is you answered the call! Thank you for caring so deeply for Jackson and the other students whose lives you bless with your kindness and gifts.