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Your Gift Creates a Whole New World

May 19, 2016
By Good2Know Staff Writers

Your gift to 21st Century Education has opened up a whole new world of learning for Laura Gruner’s class.

Sarah Monson is an artistic 7 1/2 year-old who takes piano lessons and gleefully attends weekly dance class. When she first came to McAlder Elementary at the beginning of the school year, on the surface her life appeared carefree. But her mom expressed a concern about her reading, that she had fallen under grade-level and didn’t really enjoy reading. In second grade, this could have been costly for Sarah’s education going forward.

Your gift to 21st Century Education helped rewrite Sarah’s school story. You provided the wind for Sarah’s reading-sails to motivate and propel her forward. Mrs. Gruner reports that with the help of apps and devices your gifts provided, “Sarah gained significantly to go from a struggling reader to a fluent grade-level reader.”

She continued, “And her mom has shared with me that now she finds Sarah reading books, and she enjoys it. She is interested in reading and feeling successful.” 

When Sarah found out there were people who helped provide the 21st Century Education tools for her reading transformation, she wanted wanted to share this message: “Thank you for giving to the school so we could get these iPads to help us learn. I think you are very thoughtful.”

Isaac Lleras is an articulate 3rd grader who likes to play tether-ball and basketball on the playground. When he came to McAlder Elementary at the beginning of the school year, his parents were concerned that he was experiencing a holding pattern in his favorite subject, math.

Your gift to 21st Century Education helped Isaac take flight and advance in math a full year above his grade level. He is learning at his highest level and is no longer at risk of being in the statistical demographic of gifted children who tragically bide their time below the radar. Thank you for giving and making a difference in Isaac’s life.

“I would like to thank everyone who has generously given to [21st Century Education] at Cascade Christian. Your generous gifts have enabled me to provide individualized instruction for each student in my class, allowing each student to grow! While technology carries a high price tag, seeing students grow in confidence and become willing to attempt more challenging curriculum is priceless! Thank you.” – Mrs. Gruner, McAlder Campus teacher


"Sarah just finished her Reading MAP test. She increased her score by 30 points – that is HUGE!!!!! A great ending (or should I say a great beginning) to this story. She even ran up to me today and excitedly told me how she went past her goal and grew by 30 pioints. She was so excited! She is owning her own learning for sure!" - Joyce Blum, McAlder Campus Principal