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Advancing Student Learning - Elementary

March 01, 2017
By Good2Know Staff Writers

Sixth grader JJ McNiel spoke candidly about how your gift is advancing her education and helping her and her peers learn at their highest level. She represents every child who has sat in class with a question to ask.

Her teacher, Mrs. Kidd, introduced a flipped classroom model for sixth grade math. In a flipped classroom the teacher records lessons on video, and then the students watch at their own pace on their iPads. When they don't understand something, they can pause and watch it again. If they have a question, they don't have to hold up the whole class; they simply ask a neighbor or sign up for individual help from the teacher. This frees up students who like to work ahead and helps those who need extra time. It also allows teachers to maximize their teaching time with students.

JJ explained her sixth-grade experience: “The videos are new this year. Before, we just had the teacher up front talking, so it was harder for me. I like it better now because when [the lesson] is with everyone else, it goes too fast and I don't get to ask questions and I don't really understand it.” You can hear in her voice that she no longer bears a burden; it's gone. You have lifted it for her. She continued to talk from her heart about your gift: “Thank you, because some people go faster than others. Thank you that you gave to our school and that we have different paces now.”

Mrs. Kidd observed JJ’s confidence grow as her math grade continued to rise. Your gift is making a lasting impact in JJ’s life. She no longer must weigh out whether she should ask a question and make the class wait or sit in silence with her question unanswered. She is free to work at her own pace and learn at her highest level.

Thank you for making a world of difference for JJ every day at school and for giving her the lifelong gift of confidence. Priceless.