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Advancing Student Learning - High School

June 17, 2017
By Good2Know Staff Writers

Cathy Miller, Chemistry and Physics Lab teacher at CCHS, recently won a contest in Advancing Student Learning!

In the spirit of true scientific discovery, and equipped with resources provided by your gifts, she engaged in an experiment to “flip her classroom.” In a flipped classroom, she would no longer be the sage on the stage as lecturer. Instead, she would record videos to introduce subjects and then be a guide on the side, walking around to help students one or two at a time.

She provided the materials, laid out the course, and then released her students to work independently. Many of them skipped the introductions and videos, and immediately ran to the lab. “I should have known this group would run straight to the lab,” said Cathy. “I was caught off guard.”

Maddy Johnson’s alum lab grew perfect crystals, whereas Jack Thompson’s produced sludge, prompting a precautionary lab evacuation. When Cathy Miller talks about the different lab outcomes, there is a sparkle in her eye. She explains that the students must know how to write up and analyze labs and learn how to learn from mistakes.

Maddie plans to go into a medical field, maybe veterinary medicine or nursing. Jack plans to enter into a stem field, most likely computer science.

Thank you for investing in the next generation by giving to advance their education.

Cathy’s students love her teaching style up front and still appreciate the extra time in the lab that a flipped model provides. Cathy has found through trial and error that a hybrid works best. Students are learning to take charge of their education, and through Mrs. Miller’s Chemistry Lab class, they are well on their way to reaching their educational goals and dreams. Your gifts make this possible. Thank you!