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The Impact Auction Making an Impact

July 15, 2018
By Good2Know Staff Writers

The Impact Auction Making an Impact

When we look into the face of a child, we see wonder and promise—and a future that looks right back at us. Curious. Busy. Eager to grow and learn.

              CCS students Nathan, Keeley,
          and Maureen love the experience
                        your gifts bring.

The gifts you gave at the Impact Auction will provide a state-of-the-art mobile lab and a STEM specialist for all three CCS elementary campuses. Experiential classes will nurture students’ natural curiosity and love of learning, classes like Pushes and Pulls, in which kindergartners apply what they learn to a swing set installation project. Or Light: Observing the Sun, Moon, and Stars, in which elementary students design a playground structure that protects kids from UV radiation.

Classes like these will prepare students to use CAD software and print their creations on a 3D printer in junior high and high school classes like Design and Modeling, and to solve a murder mystery using DNA electrophoresis in the class Medical Detectives. CCS students at all levels will grow in a comprehensive K–12 STEM education because of your generosity.

         CCS student Lake says,
“Thank you for making this possible.”

Thank you for seeing the future in the students of CCS and for putting your gifts where your values are. You are making a world of difference for the children and youth that your gifts touch. Those students are becoming discerning leaders and will be prepared to impact their world because of you.