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The Tale of Three Gifts

August 15, 2018
By Rob Mitton, Director of Development

This is a milestone year for the Cascade Christian giving community. Why? Because over 900 of you have given more than $500,000 this year, to help students stay at CCS and to improve their experience while they are here! That is not a typo. Your gifts are impressive and generous. Thank you for being a part of this giving community.

Recently, I opened the mailbox to find three gifts. Each told a story about a giver and the giver’s passion to make a difference in students’ lives.

The first gift I opened was a $10,000 check. The giver of this gift has been faithfully supporting CCS for several years. As a grateful alumni parent, she wants other kids to experience what her child experienced at CCS. This gift means five more students get to stay at the school they love. This is a life-changer for those kiddos. They get to grow up in a community that helps them build their lives on Jesus, our true foundation.

The second gift I opened was a $400 check. This monthly gift is from one of our Business Partners. Their children attend CCS, in part because other generous givers (including you) helped them with tuition when their children were younger. Now that their business is thriving, they are giving back to make a difference for other kids. This recurring gift means two more students get to stay at the school they love.

The third gift I opened was a $15 check. This is a monthly gift in perpetuity. The givers are alumni grandparents who decided years ago to make CCS students part of their monthly giving. Over the years, I have seen their gifts impacting students’ lives every day.

Each of these three gifts represent a giving community of shared values, sacrificial giving, and immeasurable impact on the students of Cascade Christian Schools.

If you’ve made a gift to CCS students, thank you.




400: People who attended and made the night unforgettable
27: Sponsors who helped make the night possible
$242,000: Proceeds raised through your generous gifts
$76,000: Amount raised in the Fund-a-Need to provide a world-class STEM education
1: Out of all the numbers, one is still the most significant. You are the one to thank for impacting a generation!

Thank you to everyone who volunteered, attended, supported, and sponsored this wonderful night of generosity!