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Your Impact Lives On

December 02, 2019
By Good2Know Staff Writers

As a 2nd grader at the CCS Frederickson Elementary campus, Grace Schuld captured the hearts of many when she was featured in the Fall 2016 issue of Good2Know. She had expressed a concern about having to go to a school where she couldn’t “talk about Jesus.” Gifts to tuition assistance helped her be able to enroll at CCS. You might remember Grace by the story of her heartfelt response to driving by a person in need; she couldn’t just pass him by, so she asked her mom if they could give him a chewy bar from her purse.

So, three years later, where are Grace and her little brothers? We can answer that question because of where you are. Your kindness and faithfulness and your continued lifestyle of giving keep the opportunity open for the Schuld family and others to stay in their school. Grace and her brother Jaxson were recently asked how they feel about their school. Both of them, in an expression of how much they love their school, said they want to stay here forever! When they glanced at their mom for reassurance, your gift, although unseen, was in the room as she gave them a subtle reassuring nod. The expressions of joy and confidence on their faces were made possible by you.

As a 2nd grader, Grace showed her love for others through a chewy bar for someone on the roadside. As a fifth grader she is using her Feet to Faith project to raise $346 to help foster kids. She knows the power of a well-placed gift because she’s living it. In this act alone you can see your gifts to the school raising up compassionate, discerning leaders. You are changing the world into a kinder and more charitable place. Thank you for investing your gift in Grace. Through her, your gift moves forward into the future, and your impact lives on.