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High School One-to-One Learning Program FAQ

Why is Cascade Christian High School going to a One-to-One Learning Program?

Foremost among the many positive reasons for having this program are to do the following:
  • Embrace our 21st century/digital learners
  • Enhance student engagement in the classroom
  • Expand the classroom beyond our campus walls
  • Better prepare our students for college and careers

“Our findings demonstrate that schools employing a 1:1 student-computer ratio and key implementation factors, outperform other schools and reveal significant opportunities for improving education return on investment (ROI) by transforming teaching and learning.” (

Why did CCS decide on the Surface?

CCS has identified the following key components as critical elements in the selection of a device for our program:
  • A device that allows students to create and produce content
  • A 2-in-1 (laptop-tablet hybrid) for flexibility and productivity
  • A device with Windows 10 that can operate as a full laptop
  • A device with a useful stylus for digital inking
  • A device that works with MS Office 365 to facilitate collaboration and content creation
  • A device that works seamlessly with other devices on the Cascade Christian campus network

We feel the Surface is the best device for our particular learning environment at this time. We value the power of a notebook/laptop in a tablet/2-in-1 form (other, similar devices may be available at different price points but this worked best for getting our program going). The digital “real-ink” stylus for writing, annotating, highlighting and drawing mimics the actions of writing with a pen. The Surface has an innovative keyboard design, enlarged touchpad, a bigger, brighter screen, is thinner and lighter than the iPad, and has a 9-hour all-day battery. We feel that a 2-in-1 device is ultimately more practical for our students.

How was this program funded?

This program was made possible through special donations, auction funds and funding from within the current operating budget.

What software will be preloaded onto the Surface?

The Surface will use Microsoft Windows 10, MS Office 2016, and standard utility software (Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Flash, Java, Windows Movie Maker, etc.). In addition, all students will have a Microsoft account that works in conjunction with their CCS Office 365 account so that their apps, files, and settings are all tied together seamlessly. Students will receive training on Windows 10, MS Office 365, Windows apps, etc. during the first week of school.

How will CCS students use the Surface Pro?

Students will use the Surface Pro in a variety of ways:
  • Research
  • Collaboration
  • Note-taking (OneNote)
  • Audio recording
  • Various apps & presentation tools (PowerPoint, Publisher, SWAY, Movie Maker)
  • e-Textbooks
  • Communication (email, blogs, etc.)
  • File access and turn in (Office 365, MS-OneDrive, Team Sites, Class Sites)
  • And ways we have yet to imagine…

What are the student’s options for printing?

If they log-in to the Student Wifi while on campus, the printers available to them will show up on their list of printers. It is important that they choose the printer carefully so they do not send something to the wrong room. Several printers are available around the building for printing.  If for some reason those printers are not available, they may go to a desktop computer in room 102 or 201 and print a file from their OneDrive.  Some printing solutions include emailing the document to the teacher to save the file to a flash drive or cloud storage and print from home.  There are black and white printers, copiers, color printers and poster printers available to all students and staff in room 102.

What if there is a problem with their device?

Please have them bring their device to the technology office located in room 102 for troubleshooting.  A temporary device may be issued to them to use for the day or until the problem is resolved.  If we choose to reimage the machine any personal items will be deleted from the device. 

Where do they save their work?

Students are encouraged to use their Office 365 OneDrive account which is provided to them by the school. They can also save to a USB device or even email the document to themselves. It is not recommended that they save to the Surface itself. 

What if we choose to bring our own Surface or other acceptable device?

A special form must be completed in order to do so. The form can be found on the Academic Resources page of the school website. They are fully responsible for the safety and security of their device. No support is provided for the hardware. Families will still receive full access to Office 365 and the school desktop computers but no other support will be provided.

Are they still held accountable for the Student Acceptable Use Policy if they bring their own personal mobile device?

Yes. The AUP for CCS remains in effect even when you are using our own device.

Will students have access to their tablets over the summer?

Most Likely students will be required to return their tablets at the end of the school year for reconditioning and software upgrades. Tablets will then be reissued to the student at the start of the new school year. A final decision will be make closer to the end of the year.

Will tablets replace all classroom text books?

Textbooks will be replaced on an individual basis as new, electronic books become available. Not all of our textbooks are currently available in an electronic format. Several hardbound textbooks will be available for checkout or use in the classroom.  Workbooks will still be purchased and used where necessary.

What happens if my student loses/damages the Surface or finds it is not working correctly?

Any accidental damage or hardware issues will be covered only if the optional insurance policy has been purchased. Additional tablets, or loaners, will be available for students to use if their tablet is not functioning properly and they purchased the insurance policy. A student may bring their tablet to room 102 if they have concerns about their tablet.  Students will be responsible for the loss or theft of their device. 

Can my student load software to their tablet?

Not at this time. Policies will be in place to prohibit loading additional software to the tablet. Special credentials will be needed to be able to download or modify their device. Students will be responsible for periodically backing up their personal data (document files) to a cloud based storage location or flash drive before turning in the machine for repair. This policy may change or evolve as we develop the program.

Can students recharge their tablets at school?

Students will be expected to charge their tablets at home each night, similar to charging their cell phones. Some charging stations will be available in the classrooms to assist when they forget but there will be a limited quantity. 

How will students’ online safety be ensured?

CCS already has a variety of firewalls in place to provide students with safe access to the internet at school. In addition, we will be training students regarding appropriate use of both the Surface and the internet. We will also continue to learn from “best practices” at other schools that already have rigorous programs in place. Safe access at home will be the parent’s responsibility.

CCS encourages parents to have a dialog with their student at home regarding the appropriate use of technology – when it should be used, for what purposes, and where in the house it may be used. We also suggest parents regularly monitor their students’ online activity and maintain access to their accounts as a precaution.

What if my student forgets to bring their Microsoft Surface to school?

There will be consequences if a student does not bring their Microsoft Surface to class, much like there would be a consequence if they were to not bring their textbook or anything to write with. One of our goals is to ensure students develop the responsibility to come prepared to learn each day, and one key aspect will be for them to bring a fully-charged Surface to school on a daily basis.  It will be up to the teacher to decide if a loaner device is needed for a crucial assignment or activity.

What if we do not have internet access at home?

Students have access to the internet any time they are on campus. They also have the ability to complete assignments while offline at home and then upload their work when they return to campus. Also, public libraries, most restaurants, many coffee shops, and many other locations offer free internet access.

What are your recommendations for computer backup?

Backup of important computer data is the responsibility of each student. With the school's Microsoft Office 365 subscription, Microsoft provides each user with 1 terabyte of cloud storage on Microsoft's OneDrive. Students must back up their data to the cloud, including school-related documents as well as music and video collections. Tablet PCs may be lost or stolen, and hard drives may fail. In either case data will be irretrievably lost if it is not backed up. CCS does not provide local server-based storage for students.