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IMPACT Term (I-Term): Local and Global Experiences 

The purpose of the Junior High and High School IMPACT Term (I-Term) is to enhance student learning by providing additional spiritual, academic, personal, and leadership experiences outside the traditional classroom in conjunction with the curricular program. Learn more.


JH Athletics

We value athletics as a part of the educational experience. Students are offered more than just an opportunity to compete; they are provided with another opportunity to lead and be an example to their classmates and their community. CCJH athletics are competitive in nature, but they are also meant to be as inclusive as possible. We encourage all our students to try one of our many sports offerings during their time in junior high.



The purpose of our Creative Arts Program is for students to fulfill their passion and purpose before God through their creative uniqueness. At Cascade Christian, all students are given the opportunity to discover and cultivate their creative gifts, which will be fostered, developed, and encouraged.