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McAlder CampusCougar Sightings Blog

News& Updates

McAlder Parents for Cascade Christian (PfC)

The mission and purpose of Parents for Cascade is to unite parents through open communication as we support and serve the students, teachers, and administration in p...

CCS District Information

The school year typically comes with a large amount of information and communication. Here is a breakdown of the important district events and reminders. If you have...

McAlder CampusCougar Sightings Blog

Growing in Gratitude

After a strong foundation has been created for a plant, the plant is set up to grow and thrive. But if you are like me and do not have a “green thumb,” you may sometimes wonder, How do I know if my plants are growing well?One way we can tell whether a plant is growing well is if the plant can ward off insect activity. A plant draws nutrients from the soil to make it strong and give it the ability to defend against invasions from hungry little critters. Another way we can tell that a plant is growing well is if it can withsta...

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