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News& Updates

Puyallup Elementary Relocation Update

Good afternoon, PELM Families,  My hope in this email is to give you a little more information about the relocation of Puyallup Elementary. I am hoping this wil...

Motion Church Announcement

Dear CCS Community, We bring this announcement to you trusting in the Lord’s provision and looking forward to what He has in store. We would like to inform you ...

McAlder CampusCougar Sightings Blog

SEEK GOD with Patience

“Weather plays a big role in farming,” Greg Bowman said in an article that appeared in The Northern Virginia Daily. “One thing you can’t count on is the rain.”  These are the words of a farmer in northern Virginia, who found himself anxiously waiting for rain to fall on his crop this past summer. The article explained that even though the area was not technically in a drought, the lack of rain was negatively affecting the corn crop:Research indicates that when corn doesn’t receive enough water during early germination, ...

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