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Frederickson CampusCougar Sightings Blog

News& Updates

CCS District Information

The school year typically comes with a large amount of information and communication. Here is a breakdown of the important district events and reminders. If you have...

CCS Logo Launch

Check out the 2020-21 CCS logo launch video below! 

Frederickson CampusCougar Sightings Blog

Growing in Gratitude

After a strong foundation has been created for a plant, the plant is set up to grow and thrive. But if you are like me and do not have a “green thumb,” you may sometimes wonder, How do I know if my plants are growing well?One way we can tell whether a plant is growing well is if the plant can ward off insect activity. A plant draws nutrients from the soil to make it strong and give it the ability to defend against invasions from hungry little critters. Another way we can tell that a plant is growing well is if it can withsta...

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