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Puyallup ElementaryCougar Sightings Blog

News& Updates

Puyallup Elementary Relocation Update

I trust this update finds you having a wonderful start to 2024 and experiencing God’s love and goodness in many ways. I am writing to share with you our target locat...

Cascade Christian Teaching Statements

Ultimately, we believe it is our role to share the good news of grace and mercy that stems from the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Our goal is to develop di...

Puyallup ElementaryCougar Sightings Blog

Finding Refuge in God's Presence: Trusting in His Unfailing Security

As we navigate the challenges of life, we often seek security in various forms—financial stability, social connections, physical safety. Yet, true security can be found only in God, who is our ultimate refuge and strength. Like a sturdy shelter in the midst of a storm, God offers us a safe haven where we can find peace and protection.Psalm 27 speaks to the universal human longing for security and protection in the face of life’s uncertainties. Written by King David, this ancient hymn resonates with timeless truths about find...

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