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CCS Internship Program

February 20, 2024
By Izzy Galbraith, CCS Senior

I’m excited to write this week’s blog about Cascade Christian Schools Internship Program. Our course catalog explains that the CCS Internship Program works with the local professional community to design meaningful positions for high school students, to provide them each a preview of their professional future. By working alongside employees in a specific industry, student interns gain enthusiasm for a possible career, while also acquiring the skills and expertise needed to succeed in the workplace. They can then showcase these newly acquired skills on their resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

My internship experience at the District Office has taught me many skills specifically in communications and various aspects of marketing. I have collaborated with Mrs. Petterson, our internship coordinator, who has provided this internship for me and creates an opportunity for many other students to join one as well.  

This internship in the Department of Community Engagement has taught me some communication basics as well as how much work is put in behind the scenes planning for CCS events and communications. I have grown to enjoy coming to the District Office and getting to know the people and their positions I didn’t know existed. I have worked mostly with Courtney Petersen, the executive director of community engagement, and I’ve spent a good amount of time with both Heidi Grosso, the community engagement and social media facilitator, and Erin Lynn Gray, the communications coordinator.  

Working with Courtney has been a joy, and seeing how much thought and effort is put into things that are often overlooked has surprised me the most. I especially noticed how much work and effort was put into the CCS Open House event. Courtney and the Communications Team collaborated through multiple meetings and spent many hours bringing this event together. I would have never guessed such a short amount of time at an event could take so many hours to prepare for. It has increased my respect for positions that are often unnoticed. Another great experience I have been able to be a part of is working with Heidi and Erin Lynn. Heidi has a big part in communications and manages the social media accounts of CCS. There is so much that goes into creating social media accounts, and she does so for every campus. Working with Erin Lynn has taught me insights about the CCS website and how to create an easy-to-use website.  

On other days, I have worked with Keri Helle, our visual designer, on creating advertisements and event programs. I have really enjoyed getting to know people from the District Office, building connections, and helping with marketing and communicating.  

Mrs. Pettersen has told me about other students’ experiences in their internships on and off campus. My internship is on campus, close to the school, but many students I know have collaborated with businesses outside of CCS through Mrs. Pettersen’s help! I am so thankful to have the opportunity to intern at jobs that I am interested in. I am glad to have a chance for this at Cascade Christian Schools. For more information on CCS internships, visit CCS Internship Program - High School - Cascade Christian Schools