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The CCS Internship Program works with the local professional community to design meaningful positions for high school students, to provide them each a preview of their professional future. By working alongside employees in a specific industry, student interns gain enthusiasm for a possible career, while also acquiring the skills and expertise needed to succeed in the workplace. They can then showcase these newly acquired skills on their resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

All juniors and seniors are invited to participate in the CCS Internship Program. Selection is based on quality of student application, GPA, and confirmation of being on track for graduation. First, students must complete the College & Career Readiness semester-long course that includes a series of professional development activities. Through this course, students each earn a .5 occupational education credit. They are then eligible to participate in a local, semester-long internship.

For internship placement, students must complete an online application before being connected with one or more possible site placements and going through an onboarding process. Interns are then selected and placed for two or three of their class periods with a local business or organization. Through the completion of their work site internship over the second semester, students will earn an additional .5 to 2.0 credits.


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Success in the New Economy 


Before I started the College and Career class, I never thought I’d get to the point where I am right now. The idea of me being able to work alongside other medical professionals seemed so far away from me. However, during this class, we learned how to figure out our skills and our passions that helped aid me in getting a volunteer position with Good Samaritan Hospital.

Working alongside Mrs. Pettersen and ultimately having her help me throughout this process allowed me to have this opportunity. After I had completed several informational interviews with professionals within the medical field, I found out certain skills I must have to perform well within a hospital. So now that I’ve been placed into an internship with Multicare working in Inpatient Care, I can get insights and firsthand experience on how hospitals work even if I don’t want to go within this specific field.

I am so excited to work with Multicare and get this experience I will need in the future. I will be one of the first students from CCS to go into Forensic Pathology, and I am happy to share this experience.

- Jayne H., Junior at Cascade Christian High School

Before I started the College & Career class, I didn’t know what skills or strengths I had or what I wanted to be in the future. I never saw myself as a leader or a person who could solve problems creatively. 

During this class, we learned about WHO AM I? WHERE AM I GOING? HOW WILL I GET THERE? and WHAT ARE MY NEXT STEPS? Mrs. Pettersen also taught us about FAFSA and WASFA, which was particularly helpful to me, and taught us where and how to find resources to fund our future college education. 

After completing several informational interviews in the Human Resources field, I learned that Human Resources is helping people, answering their questions, and finding the best ways to help employees.  

Now I’ve recently been placed into an internship at Cascade Christian’s District Office, doing a combination of projects related to Human Resources, accounting, and Marketing/Communication with social media. 

I’m so excited about getting to know more about these roles. This is such a great opportunity to practice these skills in real life while still in high school!

Sophia P., Junior at Cascade Christian High School