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From our Recreation Department

January 13, 2022
By Jubal McDaniel

I am thoroughly excited for the launch of our 2022 elementary basketball season! The last two years of dealing with COVID-19

caused our 2020 season to be cut short and our 2021 season to be pod only. However, we are UNSHAKEABLE! Our schools have come together to form 13 competitive teams for the 2022 season! And we are not alone this season; four other schools are joining with us to host the South Sound Elementary Basketball League (SSEBL). In addition to basketball, our Cougar athletes are preparing for baseball, flag football, and track. 


From the standpoint of athletics, I have both seen and experienced what it means to be unshakeable. Like the apostle Paul says in Philippians 3, I am not saying that I have arrived at the point of being truly unshakeable, because being unshakeable is both a mindset and a process. It takes time, effort, and a constant renewing of the mind. We have to let go of the things that seek to hold us down or hold us back and “press on toward the goal.” That goal is Jesus—our Rock and our Cornerstone. He is truly UNSHAKEABLE! 


There are countless stories of times when our athletes and coaches could have given up on their season. Times when they could have thrown their hands up and walked away. Times when they could have sat down and sat it out. Times when they could have allowed fear, anger, and defeat to win. Instead, they kept their gaze fixed on Jesus. They pushed forward, trusting in our Good Shepherd to lead and guide even when they could not see. The expectation is that I and my fellow coaches will be the primary ones impacting the athletes in our care. The truth of it is, our athletes impact us coaches more than they realize! Being a part of the CCS athletics community has transformed me and helped me to see what it truly means to be UNSHAKEABLE!


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