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    ACT v. SAT: Which Test Should I Take?

    The best thing to do if you know where you are applying is to check to see if they have a preference. The two national tests are ACT and the SAT. Most of the 4-year colleges/universities in the nation accept either test score equally. The choice is yours. Take one or both, since colleges typically use the higher of the two scores for admissions, scholarship, and athletic eligibility.

    Since the SAT is an alternative to passing WA State assessments, read the SAT update from College Board.

    Learn about the redesigned SAT suite of assessments, including details on:

    • Why the exams are changing
    • Key changes, with a breakdown of score reporting
    • Exam structure and timing

    Get a peek at SAT practice, including sample questions in reading, writing and language, and math, as well as sample essay prompts.


    • The SAT top score (1600) includes the following score structure:
    • Total score: 400–1600
    • Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Section: 200–800
    • Math Section: 200–800
    • SAT Essay: Three scores ranging from 2–8

    The ACT top score (36) includes the following score structure:

    • English: 25%
    • Math: 25%
    • Reading: 25%
    • Science Reasoning: 25%

    The Compass Test

    All two-year colleges require the Compass Test, which consists of reading, writing, and math. This test is a placement test to identify what courses the student is ready to take coming into college.

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