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    The Educational Roadmap is an individual student’s educational plan that is designed for student educational ownership and parent partnership.

    Components of the Educational Roadmap
    • Academics
    • God’s Individual Design
    • Future Vision
    • Spiritual Development
    • Educational Program Opportunities
    • Alignment

    Using standards-based assessments, a student’s academic progress and goals are tracked over time.

    Currently we track students, district-wide, in these areas:

    • English / Language Arts
    • Mathematics
    • Science

    In the future we will track Bible, Social Studies, and Leadership.

    Common formative and summative assessments used to track a student’s growth:

    • Teaching Strategies Gold (TSG) – (Birth–Pre-K)
    • Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) – (K–11)
    • PSAT (11th)
    • SAT (11th–12th)
    • ACT (11th–12th)