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The CCS Athletic Training Center is designed to optimize each student’s individual workout as a part of their overall participation in CCS Athletics and to help each student to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Long before the games begin, before the fans fill the stadiums or bleachers, before the lights go on and the clock is started, our athletes rise early and stay late to strengthen their bodies and perfect their skills. They have determination, leadership, and will power.

And they also have the final key ingredient to more championship seasons: a sport-specific Athletic Training Center.


This training center allows our students to boost athletic performance in:

Speed • Cardiovascular Health • Agility • Core Strength

Thank you to everyone who has given to support CCS Athletics.
Your gifts allow CCS athletes to perform at their highest level!
CCS builds strength in our students!
“It would be no greater joy for me than to know that our giving has encouraged others to get involved.”

—Randy Johnson, past CCS board member and CCS alumni parent of 4

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