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New Student Referral Incentive Program

  • The New Student Referral Incentive Program awards a referring Cascade Christian Schools family with a $200 tuition credit for each new student who is referred to and actually enrolls in and attends Cascade Christian Schools. (Refer a family that enrolls two students and receive a $400 tuition credit; refer a family that enrolls three students and receive a $600 tuition credit; etc.) 
  • The referral program is for parents or guardians who are paying tuition for either enrolled students (preschool through grade 12) or full-time childcare children attending Cascade Christian Schools at the time of credit distribution. 
  • A $100 incentive award per newly referred preschool–grade 12 student is applied two times per school year, in October and March. Referred students must be enrolled at the beginning of a semester for the referring family to receive their first distribution. (If a referred student begins mid-semester, the referral award distribution will begin during the second semester of enrollment.) 
    • Families who pay monthly payments will receive a credit to their account. 
    • Families who pay their tuition in full before the school year begins will receive an incentive award check. 
  • Families referring full-time childcare children will receive a $100 incentive credit (50%) after the new family has completed three months of care and then $100 (50%) after the family has completed nine months (50%) at Cascade Christian Schools. 
  • The online New Student Referral Program Verification Form must be on file at the District Office two weeks prior to the reward distribution (October and March), and a name match must be indicated in the Referral Verification box on the new student’s Enrollment Application. 
    • Submission deadlines are September 15 for October award and February 15 for March award. 
    • Turning in a completed verification form after the deadline will reduce the award by half (family will receive second distribution only). 
    • Failure to turn in a completed verification form will make the referring family ineligible for the reward. 
  • Incentive award consideration is limited to the referral of brand-new families enrolling students in CCS and does not apply to students transferring, returning, or advancing to another CCS school, nor families who have previously had students at CCS. 


Key points to remember: 
  • The referring family name must be on the new student application.