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IMPACT Leadership

Equipping and Empowering Leaders for IMPACT


Cascade Christian Schools is deeply committed to developing our future leaders, who will impact their world for Christ. On top of all the IMPACT Leadership opportunities available for our students, we have also created leadership development opportunities for adults.

Exemplary schools are schools that give back to their educational colleagues and to their communities. Here are two such ways that Cascade Christian Schools does just that:

IMPACT Leadership Business Summits

It is the heart of Cascade Christian Schools to provide a place for Christian business leaders to be encouraged, informed, and supported, and to provide networking. Our motto is “Empower Christian business leaders to embrace the marketplace as their calling.”

The IMPACT Leadership Business Summits are held 2–3 times a year in a sponsored-breakfast format.

The presenter for each summit is a business leader who shares about his or her business, values, and the ways those values are embedded into the business’ culture—worldview, behaviors, and culture. Roundtable discussions are facilitated around two related key questions, creating an environment that is both informative and encouraging.

Register for the next upcoming IMPACT Leadership Business Summit below!