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Track & Field

K–6th Grades


Elementary Nisqually League (ENL):

ENL is an elementary league for kindergarten through 6th grade students. The participating member schools are many of the same schools that makeup the Nisqually League at the JH and HS level. 


Practices will begin the week of March 18th. Meets will take place on Sundays beginning April 21 and ending on May 19.


  • K-6th: $75

Uniform included.


Each grade competes in its own separate heat. Heats may be coed or boys/girls—depending on numbers. 


  • 50 Meter
  • 100 Meter
  • 200 Meter
  • 400 Meter
  • 800 Meter
  • 4x100 Relay
  • Long Jump
  • Softball Throw

Events are not timed.


The Puyallup/McAlder team will practice at the McAlder Campus and occasionally at the HS. The Frederickson team will practice at the Frederickson Campus.

2024 Meets:

  • April 21 @ Bellarmine
  • April 28 @ Charles Wright
  • May 5 @ Sunset Stadium
  • May 19 @ Bellarmine