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    The objective of IMPACT Term (I-Term) is to enhance student learning by providing additional spiritual, academic, personal, and servant leadership experiences outside the traditional classroom in conjunction with the CCS curricular program.


    I-Term is a unique secondary-level experience held between third and fourth quarters each year. All secondary students are required to participate in I-Term locally, nationally, or internationally as a part of their graduation requirement.


    I-Term is designed to provide opportunities outside the classroom so students can experience who God is and how He uses His people to love and serve each other (1 Peter 4:10). Through local, domestic, and international experiences, students will gain a more thorough perspective of God’s kingdom on earth. While these experiences will include work for the students, it is our desire that the real work would happen in the hearts of the students through the Holy Spirit. As a result of participating in I-Term, students will develop skills, discover passions, and build relationships that may not have been possible in the traditional classroom setting. Overall, I-Term will broaden and clarify students’ biblical worldview and allow them to see that God’s kingdom work is all around and in need of equipped workers (Luke 10:2, Matthew 28:16).


    All I-Terms will include the following components to varying degrees: serving others, developing skills, discovering passions, building relationships.


    It is our desire that each student would experience, over a four-year high school experience, at least one of each category of I-Term:

    • Local—Within the South Puget Sound Region; does not extend into spring break
    • Domestic—Overnight trip within Washington State or the Continental US; possibly extends beyond I-Term week
    • International—Trip outside the Continental US; will always extend past I-Term week

    Junior high students take part in local and domestic I-Term experiences, and international trips are reserved for high school students.

    Grading for I-Term

    • Each course will receive half of a semester credit (.25).
    • As a graduation requirement, each student is required to earn one-half (.5) I-Term credit per year.
    • I-Term credits are in addition to, not in place of, other graduation requirements.
    • In addition to meeting the instructor’s criteria for passing the class, students must attend all activities during the week to receive credit for the course.
    • I-Term is mandatory; students must complete this course in order to meet graduation requirements.
    • Running Start students who have administrative approval to not attend one of the established I-Term courses will need to select an I-Term group to be a part of and attend the required training sessions. They will then need to complete the 24 hours of missed on-site time in a CCS-approved program (summer camp, elementary aftercare, etc.).
    • If a student misses any time during the I-Term session, the hours missed must be made up before the end of the school year. Make-up is at the discretion of the instructor and must be signed off on upon completion.

    Training Sessions

    Students will meet with their instructors for several training sessions in preparation for I-Term week. Training sessions will include developing goals and norms, developing a project outline and timeline, learning about the culture and giving culture of the organization you are serving with, making community contacts, coordinating a timeline, and moving as a team toward implementing the goals of the course. Students are required to attend all training sessions.

    I-Term Mission Trips

    Domestic and International Opportunities