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Alignment at CCS

The broad vision of Cascade Christian Schools is referred to as Vision 2030. There are seven major goal areas within the vision. There are also initiatives and annual action items that fall under and align with the vision. The statement that expresses Vision 2030 at its broadest level is as follows:

To change the world by developing discerning leaders
who advance God’s kingdom in their areas of influence


The broad categories below also reinforce and align with Vision 2030:

Guiding Principles

Effective schools know who they are and why they exist. We know who we are and why we exist here at Cascade Christian Schools, as reflected in our Guiding Principles. Organizationally, we can view our Guiding Principles as our worldview, which directs our values and our behavior, and shapes our culture.


Effective schools have a clear sense of direction. They know where they are going. We at Cascade Christian Schools have a clear and concise vision that is vibrant and to which it is worth dedicating one’s calling.


Effective schools make sure that all they do aligns with their guiding principles and advances them toward the school’s vision. Cascade Christian Schools has systems in place to ensure alignment.


Effective schools have a plan. Cascade Christian Schools has a strategic plan (those things that are critical to the vision) that is updated yearly and is placed in an accountability system, of which the MAP is a part. CCS also has operational plans (yearly improvement plans) for each division and department.

Curricular Model

Effective schools focus on the learning of each student and view all they do as curricular. Cascade Christian Schools has this view, which we carry out through our Educational Model and our Curricular Improvement System.


Effective schools operate on the premise that they can only carry out the vision by hiring the right people, those called to the purpose and mission of the school. Cascade Christian Schools is passionate about its people and their calling as we collaborate in unity—one spirit and one purpose.

Professional Development

Effective schools tie their professional development to student learning. Cascade Christian Schools is committed to supporting and providing professional development for all its administrators and teachers, as indicated in the Curricular Improvement System.


Vision 2030

Vision 2030 Statement

To change the world by developing discerning leaders
who advance God’s kingdom in their areas of influence

Yearly action items will be developed by the CCS Leaders Team for the fulfillment of the Vision 2030 Initiatives.

Vision Goal #1 Educational Excellence   We provide an excellent and highly personalized educational experience for each student.

Vision Goal #2 Financial Resources   We steward our financial resources from a position of stability and viability.

Vision Goal #3 Human Resources   We attract, develop, and retain highly qualified personnel who are called and aligned to our mission.

Vision Goal #4 Marketing, Communications & Strategic Initiatives   We strengthen and reflect CCS culture and identity in all that we do.

Vision Goal #5 Enrollment Management   We maximize enrollment in a manner that strengthens CCS culture.

Vision Goal #6 Advancement   We maximize and increase organizational capacity and efficiency.

Vision Goal #7 Operational Excellence   We strengthen and sustain a healthy, safe, and secure environment by increasing resources, such as program, equipment, and staffing.