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What is an I-20? 

Form I-20 is a United States Department of Homeland Security document issued by colleges, universities, and vocational schools, and it provides supporting information for the issuance of a student visa or change of status (F, J, and M nonimmigrant statuses). Since the introduction of the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS), the form also includes the student tracking number (SEVIS number) for the student and program.

How do I receive an I-20 to attend Cascade Christian Schools? 

Complete a CCS enrollment packet, request admission into a specific grade level, and pay the registration fee for new international students. If the transcripts and test scores reflect the appropriate academic rigor, the application is complete. If the student is accepted, the family pays an I-20 processing fee prior to issuance of the I-20.

What is an I-901 application and its purpose? 

The SEVIS I-901 is to support the program office and the automated system that keeps track of students and exchange visitors while they are in the United States. The purpose of the I-901 is to secure the SEVIS ID number that the student will take to his or her embassy to apply for a visa. Some embassies allow visas to be granted without the I-901, but the SEVIS ID is not secure without it. For more information, see the I-901 SEVIS Fee webpage.

If I am eighteen, am I required to live with a host family? 

Yes. Host families are required for all high school students. 

How do I find a host family? 

If there is a need for a host family, contact our international program as soon as possible by emailing us. To date, CCS has never failed to find a host family for our students.

Does the school provide transportation to Cascade Christian Schools?

No transportation is provided by the school except for certain school-sanctioned athletic events, field trips, or school functions.

Are there carpools available that I can join? 

Cascade Christian Schools will seek to assist families to find other CCS families who drive their own students to school, in order to facilitate possible rideshare or carpool options.

What is the TOEFL Test, and how can I prepare for it? 

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) evaluates the potential success of an individual to use and understand standard American English at a college level. It is required for non-native applicants at many English-speaking colleges and universities. Additionally, institutions such as government agencies, businesses, or scholarship programs may require this test. A TOEFL score is valid for two years and then is deleted from the official database. Colleges and universities usually consider only the most recent score. The TOEFL test is the most widely accepted English Language test in the world.

Currently our ELL program is TOEFL trained, and CCS will be offering specific TOEFL preparation courses in the future. If a student is interested in one-on-one tutoring (in preparation for the TOEFL), please email us.

Where is the TOEFL test administered? 

Over 4,000 test centers are available worldwide. Testing centers are available here in Washington in the cities of Puyallup, Tacoma, and Kent. Go to the TOEFL website to see testing centers and times.