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General FAQ About Continuous Enrollment (CE)

Continuous Enrollment (CE) allows us to better fulfill our purpose and mission in the lives of students. It provides priority enrollment to current students to save their position in their classroom for the following school year. When students are continuously enrolled, from their initial enrollment into the school system until they graduate from Cascade Christian High School, the CE system lets us maximize our resources to provide Christian education to our families at the highest level of excellence.

The CE payment is the “down payment” on each student’s tuition for the following school year. This nonrefundable payment is collected in order to assist the CCS administration in effectively planning for staffing and curriculum for the following school year. The payment amount is subtracted from the total yearly tuition.

  • December 1: First date to pause Continuous Enrollment for next school year, if unsure of next year’s plans; must pause between December 1, 2023, and January 1, 2024, to avoid fees. (Please note: choosing this option will not secure your student’s place for next school year.)
  • January 1: FACTS payers who want to make their CE payment manually rather than having it withdrawn automatically from their FACTS account must notify the Business Department by this date. Those not returning for the 2024-25 school year, please withdraw by this date to avoid continuous enrollment charges.
  • January 1: Variable Tuition applications may be submitted.
  • January 4: CE payments posted to 2024-25 school year incidental accounts for payment in January, February, and March.*
  • January 8: Tuition for 2024-25 school year posted to website.
  • January 20: First FACTS withdrawal of CE payment.*
  • February 1: Transfers and new students to be added to class lists on the basis of space availability; current students whose first CE payment installment has not been paid may be bumped to a waitlist.
  • February 20: Second FACTS withdrawal of CE payment.*
  • March 20: Final FACTS withdrawal of CE payment.*
  • April 22: Variable Tuition contingency deadline. 

Important Notes:

Variable Tuition awards will be sent by email about two weeks after a completed application has been submitted and a minimum of the first CE tuition down payment installment has been paid.

*For your CE payment to be withdrawn automatically, it is important to be enrolled in “auto pay” under incidental expense charges in your FACTS account for the 2024-25 school year.

Each student’s nonrefundable CE payment (down payment on the next school year’s tuition) will be posted to FACTS by the first week of January.

The CE payment of $165 for KPrep through 12th grade will be divided into three smaller payments of $55 each and applied to each student’s FACTS account for withdrawal on January 20, February 20, and March 20.

FACTS payers who want to make their CE payment manually rather than having it withdrawn automatically from their FACTS account must notify the Business Department by January 1. 

  1. A $30-per-month late fee will be incurred for each student whose CE payment has not been paid by January 20;  and
  2. The student stays in an open status and is not placed on a class list. Once the CE payment and late fees are paid, the student is then added to the waiting list and will be placed on the class list as space is available.

If you are unsure whether your student(s) will be returning to CCS next year, you may contact the Business Department to  postpone  your CE payment date.

If you choose to postpone your CE payment and then determine that your student will not be returning to CCS, you are still responsible for contacting the Business Department and following the withdrawal process at least 10 days prior to your new CE payment date.

Please note that if your CE payment is not paid by January 20, your student will not be placed on a class list and, depending on availability, may lose his or her space in that class.

(Also note that in order to receive a Variable Tuition offer letter by email, you must pay at least one-third of your CE tuition down payment.)

(Does not apply to students entering kindergarten or junior high.) Please contact your current campus office if you are interested in transferring to another CCS campus. Transfers are subject to availability. 

Beginning February 1, families who have requested transfers and new applicants will be given preference on class lists over any returning students who have not paid their CE payment. Once that payment has been paid, the returning students are added to the waiting list and placed on a class list as space becomes available.

No refunds of the CE payment will be given after February 1, unless one of the following applies:

  • The family has a completed and verified application for tuition assistance on file by the April 22 deadline and has determined that the amount is insufficient.
  • The family receives a military move that is 25 miles or more from their current address; orders are required.

Only for these exceptions will the CE payment, minus a $50 administrative fee, be refunded once the family has emailed the Business Department to let CCS know they won’t be returning.

All accounts must be current in order to keep your CE status active. Please email the Business Department or call (253) 841-1776 if your student’s 2024-25 CE tuition down payment does not get billed to your account. 

Click here for tuition amounts. Also included are potential student fees. Tuition rates for the next school year are determined at the end of December each year and are posted to the website in January.

Once a completed Variable Tuition application and supporting documents are submitted and verified before April 22, the student’s enrollment becomes contingent upon acceptance of Variable Tuition. Variable Tuition will be awarded only when accounts are current.

If the Variable Tuition award does not work for the family, CE payments minus a $50 administrative fee are refundable only if the Variable Tuition application is complete and the deadline was met.

Currently enrolled families may apply for Variable Tuition anytime after January 1. The application must be completed and verified by FACTS Grant & Aid by the April 22 deadline. 

Variable Tuition award letters are sent to current families after the first CE payment installment is paid in January. If a family desires earlier notification of their Variable Tuition amount, they may pay their CE payment in full through their FACTS account after it has been posted in early January.

Variable Tuition application fees are paid directly to FACTS Grant and Aid, a third-party company, and are nonrefundable.

Click here for more information.

The CE payment does not apply to licensed childcare program students unless they are entering traditional school (which includes part-day KPrep 3s/4s and 4s/5s, and kindergarten) at CCS.

Complete the online application process here.

To maintain priority sibling status, complete the application by January 8. Please note, we are experiencing waitlists in certain grade levels, and a completed application does not guarantee the sibling a spot if the class is already full.

Please contact the Business Department right away and visit the Withdrawals page for more information.

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