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    Cascade Christian Schools is an interdenominational school system serving families with child care through grade twelve, on multiple campuses in Pierce County. 

    Dedicated to helping students explore and discover their God-given potential, Cascade Christian School is a place students are provided with excellent academics, athletics and arts, character development and leadership training opportunities, and are encouraged to cultivate a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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    CCS Students Making an Impact on I-term

    Another amazing I-term is coming to a close, and the stories abound of how students have served and experienced life "outside the walls" of CCS. Click here to read Dr. Ken Friesen's view of I-term 2016, then read the I-term blogs for the student perspective! Read More

    Why CCS? From Early Learning to High School...

    Open House is coming soon, and it creates an opportunity to ask the question, "Why CCS?" This week and next, we are asking that question, and we've gotten some great answers already! You can hear the answers first hand (via video) from Early Learning Pa... Read More

    What is Parents for Cascade?

    Feverishly working behind the scenes at every campus of Cascade Christian Schools is an amazing program dedicated to building the community that is CCS. From Early Learning Centers to High School, there is a group dedicated to each campus. Parents for Cascade is a volunte... Read More


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    Sixth Grade Camp: Unplug and Connect

    The goal of sixth grade camp has always been to grow in relationships with each other and with God. At camp, we - the faculty, counselors, and students - have a unique opportunity to “unplug” from technology and to be plunked in the middle of God’s beautiful creation to play, learn, worship, and have fun. Another goal of camp is to make connections with other sixth graders that they may not spend time with at school. Since camp combines students from all CCS elementary campuses, they learn valuable teamwork skills in many of the outdoor classes. When seventh grade arrives,... continue reading