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    Cascade Christian Schools is an interdenominational school system serving families with child care through grade twelve, on multiple campuses in Pierce County. 

    Dedicated to helping students explore and discover their God-given potential, Cascade Christian School is a place students are provided with excellent academics, athletics and arts, character development and leadership training opportunities, and are encouraged to cultivate a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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    CCHS Rolling Out One-to-One Devices to Enhance Student Learning

    Cascade Christian is proud to announce a unique and exciting venture that, beginning with the 2016-2017 school year, will give all High School students access to a Microsoft Surface with a keyboard and Pen. We believe that a one-to-one device program will enable us... Read More

    CCS Students Making an Impact on I-term

    Another amazing I-term is coming to a close, and the stories abound of how students have served and experienced life "outside the walls" of CCS. Click here to read Dr. Ken Friesen's view of I-term 2016, then read the I-term blogs for the student perspective! Read More

    What is Parents for Cascade?

    Feverishly working behind the scenes at every campus of Cascade Christian Schools is an amazing program dedicated to building the community that is CCS. From Early Learning Centers to High School, there is a group dedicated to each campus. Parents for Cascade is a volunte... Read More


    Multiple Locations
    in Pierce County!






    So Many Reasons...

    Just a short trip around the District Office resulted in several different reasons families choose (or chose - many of us are alumni parents!) Cascade Christian Schools - not just as our place of employment, but for the ever-so-important education of our children. Here area few of the answers: It was time for my three-year-old to start preschool, and our friends recommended the Puyallup Early Learning Center. I specifically remember them saying, "If you want him in the fours class, you'd better get him in the threes, or there won't be room! The next thing I knew it was time for elementary school, and because we ha... continue reading